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Fundraising Materials:
         Pledge Sheet
         Donation Receipts 
         Order materials – please contact us at to order the following materials:
                                    Bike MS Brochures (free)
                                    Bike MS Posters (free)
                                    Bike MS Trading Cards (free)
                                    Bike MS Cut Outs (100 free)
                                    Bands of Hope ($1 each)
                                    Bike MS Window Decals ($2 each)

Sample Letters: Many of the National MS Society’s Top Fundraisers raise their fundraising dollars through letter writing campaigns. “Support Me” letters can be sent to family, friends, coworkers, businesses you frequent, old college buddies, community leaders -- the list is endless. Letters are the most efficient way of spreading your message with a personal touch.

Need a bit of help crafting a letter to send out to potential sponsors? Check out the sample letter that have already been written to help get you started. Add your own personal touch about why you are participating in this event, include a photo of you and your loved one if you have a personal connection to MS and include a self-addressed stamped envelope to make donating easy for your recipients.

Online Tools: When you register online, you will create a username and password that will allow you to access your own personal webpage, called your Participant Center. This valuable tool is automatically assigned to you upon registration and is designed to facilitate every aspect of your fundraising efforts.

If you did not register online, you still have the opportunity to create a username and password for the purpose of online fundraising once your registration has been processed. The Participant Center has a variety of features to help you fundraise.

Thank you to our premier national sponsors

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