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We are all here for the same purpose, to help move closer to a cure for multiple sclerosis. However, we each have a different reason for caring about this cause, a different motivation for being a part of this incredible event. Share your motivation, whether it's to honor or support a particular individual living with MS who has inspired you to ride, for yourself, or just a general desire to get in shape or make the world a better place. Here are some of the stories shared with us. Go to the bottom of this page to submit your story.

"I am riding my third Bike MS event for two family members, one who is living with MS and one who has passed away from MS complications. My son in law, Mark Kuyers, was diagnosed in November of 2009. My common law brother in law, Frank Pharms Jr., passed away two years ago from MS. Both of these people were/are fine examples of what a Good Human Being should be. I ride with my daughter Ruth, with the hope a cure is found, and found SOON!" Paul B. Smith

"I ride support my friends The West Family. Amanda was diagnosed with MS a few years ago and her entire family has been very active in fund raising efforts. I work with Amanda's husband Jim. Riding and raising money for MS is the easy part, living with and coping with MS on a daily basis is difficult for the entire family and this is one way I can show my support." Anonymous

"I am riding for my friend Amy, who despite her MS diagnosis, continues to be strong, active and inspire those around her!" Andrea B.

"I am riding Bike MS for my sister Beth who has MS and diagnosed in 1993."  Randy S. Higgins

"I am riding for my friends and family who have been diagnosed, and affected by MS.  I ride for HOPE, FREEDOM, and a CURE of this disease!!!"  Anonymous

"I am riding for all those who cant ride."  Brandyn

"I need to be of sound mind and body to function at work and for my family. What greater way to to fight the belly button belt over. I have an obligation to help others. My parents taught me this and I have 2-children that at times think I am overbearing but deep down inside, they are following in our foot steps.Riding teaches me patience. Its not 75-miles/day. Its 15 mile intervals each day. The 1st 15- mile interval is like walking through a field of flowers.  2nd is walking up a hill. 3rd is walking up a slippery slope by now if someone honks their horn at me most likely I will "wave" back.  4th "We are 1/2 way home...take that".  5th 15-mile interval always gets me, I'm almost there, I get a bit choked up, then I see my buddy and the finish line and the race is on for the finish. "Mind over Matter". Every Dollar counts and adds up.  Really-Pay it forward. Years ago I was listening to our minister ramp up his Sunday morning service in where he asked for volunteers. His next move was courageous and very powerful. "Well folks I am not moving on until I see some hands" One after another hands started raising."  Mohawk Matt

"To support my friend."  Anonymous.

"I'm trying to make a difference!  I enjoy bike riding so much and I know that others don't always have the same opportunities, so I ride for them."  Rob Boboltz

"I am riding for my mother who passed on September 25, 2009 from MS.  My wife and I hope to participate annually as a way to honor/remember her and teach our son that we are working to raise funds to prevent others from having the same fate."  Shane Schulze 

"My wife of 25 years was diagnosed with MS at age 27. She is now turning 65 on Sept 18th, so I thought this would be a fitting way to honor her and her struggles with MS over the years. She is a real trooper and I am very proud of her. We know our love is based on mutual respect and common concern for our fellow man. We have two, actually three (an adoptive daughter) children and two grandchildren."   Brian R.

"I am riding for Candace, Jeremy, Mary, Marcy, Jim, and for anyone else that has MS."  Lindsay Parsell

"For my family and friends. MS has affected several members of my family and threatens to affect more in the future. I ride to give hope and assist in the discovery of a better treatment and one day, a cure."   Liz Dery 

"I am riding for myself. Selfish, I know. : ) I rode to ride for a good cause for ten years and then was diagnosed with the very disease I rode for all those years prior in 2001. I still ride...because I can, and I will do it until MS robs me of the ability to do so." Tanya

"I am riding for those close to my heart with MS. I am also riding for the increasing number of people that I meet every year affected by MS. They seem to come out of the woodwork: cousins, mothers, wives, friends all affected. I ride for them with hope that I am doing my part to make their lives someday become easier."   Julie Lankes

"Our clan rides due to the loss of Matt - dad, husband, brother, son and cousin. Last year we lost our team leader due to a biking accident, so this year our name became Miles for Matt and Kilometers for KC. Also we ride to provide help for our uncle Walt who lives with MS."  Phil Hooker

"I am riding for the friends and family members that have MS. MS takes away from the quality of life people have become accustom to. Biking is just one way that I can help raise funds for MS. I look forward to this year being my first of hopefully many rides for a great cause."  Anonymous

"I am riding in honor of RuthAnn Tacoma. She demonstrated how to live with strength and dignity."  Cathi

"I have a friend with MS, a friend's father had it, a friend's brother has it, another friend’s sister has it, the son of a friend has it ... I could go on and on. One of the things that struck me when I started doing the ride is that just about everyone I know, knows someone with MS. I had no idea how many people were affected by MS until I started riding." Anonymous

"For over 20 years, I've been riding for my high school classmate, Ann Serafin.  Recently, I learned that another good friend, Brian Herman suffered from the same debilitating disease."  Chris Theodore

"I ride for my brother, Matt, and everyone who has been diagnosed with MS. My hope is to see God grant amazing discoveries in decreasing the effects of MS and a possible cure."  Kelley Rose 

"I am riding for my friend, Jen Burke, who was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago."  Antoinette Amabile

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